FBBM - Motivation

In our experience, success in a position is not only and not primarily dependent on professional competences, but on human factors, more specifically motivational factors. The individual’s ability to integrate in the organizational culture and to match organizational values with the individuals own set of values also play a key role.


FBBM recognizes professional motives and interests

Supports the self-reflection on personal values and goals

FBBM contains 65 questions with a 6-point answer scale

Self-explanatory evaluation of results with two choices of representation::

  • Summary of all 14 factors in a report
  • Highlighting particular motivational priorities

FBBM measures 14 motives

Benefits and areas of application

FBBM supports career decisions

Helps with the nomination of high potentials and career planning

Help for decision-making in an assessment centre

Complements the interview and development centre

Provides valuable information for the selection of external or internal applicants