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A modern, objective, cost-effective tool for selection and personnel development is CAPTain Online. Users can complete the tests directly. Based on scientific studies, CAPTain Online is a continuously improved test system, which meets the highest professional standards, and after the necessary training, it can be used extensively in the world of work, by virtually any professional.

CAPTain Advanced is available in five versions:

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Salesman
  • Student
  • Pupil

CAPTainportfolio includes a wide range of customisable products:

CAPTain Advanced
This product offers a comprehensive analysis of work and performance style, forms of dealing with business tasks, team and leadership skills as well as a comparison between self-perception and the perception of others. The test result is not self-explanatory and is therefore always explained in a personal interview.

CAPTain Talents
This simplified CAPTain version provides a rapid and differentiated description of work and performance style and of personal placement potential in a (new) professional environment. It is the perfect tool for personnel decisions when no differentiated HR department is available and it is also a necessary tool for crucial career decisions, especially for young adults.

CAPTain Smart
Mit CAPTain Smart is ideal for use in trainings. It enables an easy and cost-efficient analysis of the participants regarding different training topics (e.g. leadership, communication, conflict) and thus allows a custom-tailored and purposeful training design and evaluation.

CAPTain Management skills
This particular, highly differentiated CAPTain version allows an analysis of personal management style in comparison with traditional management requirements and gives practical advice on key learning areas. The multilateral, well-structured test results offer self-explanatory feedback whilst optimally safeguarding privacy.

VPT 07 - Sales Potential Test

The Sales Potential Test identifies talents and potential for sales tasks by means of five factors and provides information about sales potential, even when it comes to people who have never worked in sales before. It is the ideal preselection test in the recruitment of sales personnel.

BPC - Vocational Personality Check
The Vocational Personality Check measures and interprets four career relevant personality traits and allows a quick and simple allocation to traditional career fields. Because of its vivid and clear typology, it is the ideal preselection test in recruitment.

Sales & Service
In this test, forms of behaviour, potentials and motives are measured, which are important when dealing with customers. This method is particularly suitable for people who have no sales experience yet. It covers four personality traits (ambition, positive attitude, flexibility and quality) that are relevant for success, and four vocational motives (expertise, service orientation, enthusiasm about selling, and loyalty to the organisation’s mission statement).


The evaluation may be performed by the line manager, co-workers, subordinates, but in many cases by customers or suppliers as well. Evaluators can include anyone who is in daily direct contact with the assessed person, and as a result, can form an accurate view on the assessed person's behaviour, work and personality. The greatest advantage of the method is that it provides a holistic and objective view of the assessed person.


The development of the first test, CAPTain Analysis started in 1982 in Sweden, under the leadership of Bertil Thernström. The development was performed by an international group of experts, which consisted of psychologists, economists, HR consultants and corporate managers.

Their goal was to establish an unbiased, computerised tool which efficiently supports selection interviews.

The „brain” of the system is the Microsoft SQL database management system.

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